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Skip the Small Talk About Purpose: The Picnic Edition

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Do you care about the impact you’re having on the world around you? Do you want to make sure your actions and your career remain consistent with your values, even when there’s pressure to do otherwise? How do you want your professional life to fit into the rest of your life? 

Whether you’re pretty sure you already know what’s important to you and how to make choices that optimize for those, or whether this is the first time you’ve asked yourself those questions, join us for a picnic dinner where we’ll talk about the ethical questions that float around in your head in the middle of the night (whatever those happen to be for you).

The evening will be structured and facilitated by Skip the Small Talk, an organization that designs interactions where you get to talk about the stuff that actually matters. This event is a collaboration with Engineering Activism: Activist Training for Technical People.

We will guide your conversations about your personal priorities and values, your fears and concerns, and your hopes for the future. We’re not here to tell you what your values or priorities should be or how you should go about pursuing them; we’re here to help you talk and think that through, yourself. Once you’ve triangulated on what’s important to you, we’ll lead a research-based goal-setting exercise, complete with strategies for what to do when things don’t go according to plan.

We’ll have sandwiches with gluten-free, veggie, and vegan options, so let us know if you have any other dietary restrictions! You are also welcome to bring your own food if you prefer. 

Please arrive a little early so we can check you in and start our conversations on time!

Get tickets in advance because we tend to sell out quickly, and if we hit capacity, we unfortunately won’t be able to sell tickets at the event. If $10 is not feasible for you, please send an e-mail to 

*** LOCATION: We'll be on the terrace lawn. There will be signs in case you need help finding it.


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