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You know when you’re talking to someone late at night and for some reason, you feel like you can talk about the things that actually matter? We think those conversations are a pretty good way to make genuine connection happen. We use insights from psychology research to design interactions that help you get closer to having access to those connection-building conversations in any situation, at any time, with anyone.

Photo: Coco McCabe

Photo: Coco McCabe

skip the small talks

Skip the Small Talks are events grounded in psychology research that help strangers really get to know each other. We use cards with unique questions written on them and structured facilitation to help people meet in a low-stress, fun, and genuine way.

Photo: Michelle Thomas

Photo: Michelle Thomas

custom events

We design research-informed, one-of-a-kind events that maximize for almost any social goal, from learning to better cooperate and listen, to building rapport in a team, to helping individuals feel more connected.

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In so many settings, there’s a very narrow range of things that you’re supposed to say....It’s great to be somewhere where you feel like you can be more honest...
— Emily Zall